Frequently Asked Questions

Where is GG's Flowers located?

Our address is Shop 3A Farrer Place, Farrer 2607. 


Why should I choose GG’s Flowers?

These flowers have a purpose. We’re not your average profit driven florist. Your money goes straight to helping people with disabilities gain meaningful employment. People with disabilities are involved every step of the way with your order and they put so much love, enthusiasm and pride into all of their arrangements.

No amount of money can buy the happiness Gayana and her colleagues feel when they are tasked with their very own order. You support means more than any words, so please consider supporting us in our quest to help these beautiful individuals.   

What days are you open?

We are open Monday to Friday and give ourselves the weekend off. We are always open for special occasions including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and Easter. We're also closed on public holidays.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Please, no stress at all! It’s easy- just place your order by 11:30am on weekdays. 

How do I choose the flowers?

It's up to you! You can leave it all up to the GG Girls or you can give us specific instructions. The availability of some flowers is usually dependant on what's in season. Please do not hesitate to give us a ring to chat about what we can do for you.

Do you do funeral arrangements?

Yes, we specialise in funerals. We offer wreaths, floral sprays, casket covers, single stem burial flowers, funeral arrangements and more.

Please give us a ring so we can discuss your requirements.

The GG Girls will show compassion and class throughout the whole process. We understand the pain of your loss and endeavour to make the most beautiful floral tribute to your loved one.  

What about wedding flowers?

Congratulations! We would love to chat over coffee (milkshake for Gayana) to  discuss all the details for your big day. The GG Girls are all about creating special memories especially the ones to remember forever.

What is your delivery fee?

We have a standard delivery fee of $10 for all suburbs in Canberra including Queanbeyan. All orders over $100 come with free delivery.

Additional delivery charges to areas outside Canberra do apply. Please contact us for further information.

How do you do your deliveries?

We are so excited! We’ve got our very own GG’s Flowers Van! Each delivery is hand delivered by people with disabilities. In the event that our team is unavailable, it will be delivered by a member of the Wijewickrema family.

How can I ensure my order is successfully delivered?

After every delivery, you will receive a confirmation text message or email from our team to confirm the delivery. If possible, we will also try to send you a photo of the arrangement. If you would like a photo, please let us know.

Can I choose a specific delivery time?

Sadly, we can’t guarantee specific delivery times due to the nature of our business. Please let us know what your prefered delivery time is and we’ll try our best to make it happen. Gayana may not be able to personally deliver flowers during school hours. If you would prefer Gayana to do the delivery, please select a time before or after school.

We are happy to make other arrangements with Gayana for bigger orders.

What if I want to pick up my order?

Of course you can! Afterall it is your gift! To make this arrangement just give us a call and you can pick it up from the GG’s Flowers HQ in Farrer. Be sure to give us enough notice to create you something beautiful. 

Can I personalise my order?

Even though our website doesn’t allow us to promote personalisation, we’d 100% love to help you and your gift go that extra step further. The best option is to ring GG’s Flowers so we can discuss exactly what you’re hoping for!

This is all so exciting! How can I pay you?

The GG's Girls accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. We can also provide an invoice for large orders, corporate organisations and one off deliveries.

What happens if I have a problem with my order?

Oh no! We're so sorry. The GG Girls strive for perfection and Gayana would hate for you to be unhappy. Please call us within 24 hours of delivery with full details of the order so we can sort it out for you.

I have to cancel my order! Can I get a refund?

We hope everything’s okay! Unfortunately we cannot cancel orders less than 12 hours before delivery time. Instead of a refund we offer store credit ready for your next occasion. Please contact us ASAP to discuss what we can do for you.

This is such a fantastic cause...do you do Gift Vouchers?

Yes, absolutely! We have a minimum gift voucher amount of $50.

The gift voucher must be presented when redeeming and used to the full amount. Gift vouchers have a six month validity from the date of purchase.

The service I received was excellent, thank you!

You're most welcome. The biggest congratulations you can give us is recommending us to your family, friends and colleagues. We don't have a huge advertising budget as we strive to direct our profit to helping people with disabilities. So recommending us to your friends and rating us on Facebook will always be greatly appreciated.

We love seeing you with your deliveries, so feel free to upload some photos to our Facebook page.

GG’s Flowers Terms and Conditions

Quality Guarantee

GG’s Flowers promises stunning arrangements and gifts with a very special meaningful purpose for every occasion. As most of you know social inclusion is our middle name and we hope all our customers respect our values. But hey... sometimes we get it wrong, and we absolutely apologise. If you’re not happy with our product, please give us a ring and we’ll sort it out as soon as possible.


  • Same-Day Delivery
    If you’ve left it to the last minute, we’ve got you covered. Just make sure you place your order by 11:30am on weekdays. 

  • Weekend & Public Holiday Delivery
    GG’s Flowers is open Monday - Friday and on the weekends we give both Gayana and ourselves time to relax. Although on special occasions like weddings, funerals, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day - we’ll open our doors, just for you. We are also closed on Public Holidays.

  • Special Event Delivery
    We would be thrilled to be apart of any special occasion of yours - weddings, funerals or birthday parties. Our team at GG’s is one full of love and compassion. It’s best to drop us an email to discuss requirements so we can start planning.

  • Specific Timed Deliveries
    Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee delivery times (apart from for funerals or events). However, if you need special arrangements, please give us a ring with some notice and we’ll try our absolute best to make it happen. If you’re after the beautiful Gayana for your delivery, please let us know and select a time after school. For bigger orders we are happy to make a special arrangement otherwise. Having said that, we can’t guarantee delivery times and it’s generally dependant on our delivery run of the day.

  • Deliveries of teddies or chocolates
    Unfortunately our website doesn’t allow the option of delivery products like chocolates, teddies or donuts  unless they’re are accompanied with flowers. Although we are more than happy to arrange this for you, just give us a ring to discuss.

Gift Vouchers

  • Flowers are a great gift for any celebration… and so are gift vouchers! Vouchers must be used to their full value and presented when redeeming. For your convenience it’s valid for six months from date of purchase.

Order Mishaps

  • Changes
    If you’ve had a change of mind - the GG’s Girls are on it, alterations can be requested up until the day before delivery.  Be sure to contact us by phone for these changes so we can get straight onto it!

  • Cancellations
    Oh no! Unfortunately we cannot cancel orders less than 12 hours before delivery. Please contact us ASAP to discuss what we can do for you. We really hope everything's okay! Refunds are not available instead we can offer a store credit ready for your next occasion.

  • Recipient not at home
    We can’t always guarantee timing works out. So if your loved one isn’t at the place and time chosen, home orders are left right on their doorstep and out of extreme weather conditions. Photographic evidence of delivery can be requested. Please let us know if you do not want the flowers left on the doorstep.

  • Redelivery procedure
    In the event that we are unable to deliver the product, it will be taken back to GG’s HQ. The recipient can either pick it up from GG’s HQ, or can have it redelivered for $20. This cost will be payable by the sender. 

Security and Privacy

  • Collection and Use of Information
    To place an order a few things are required: full name, email address, phone number and a postal address, these are for credit card security. These personal details will never be shared, unless requested. We will always contact you first, to check that we can share your details with the recipient.

  • Anonymous deliveries
    We’re more than happy to do anonymous deliveries, but please clearly state that the delivery is to be anonymous

  • Substitutions 
    Flowers have a mind of their own and we hope that you can understand at times the final product may not be exactly the same as displayed on our website. However GG’s Flowers reserve the right to make fair substitutions to the same value of the product. We always strive for perfection!

  • Limited Liability
    To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you understand and agree that neither GG’s Flowers nor any of its third-party content providers shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive, or any other damages relating to or resulting from your use of or inability to use the Site or from any actions we take or fail to take as a result of electronic mail messages you send us. These include, but are not limited to, damages for errors, omissions, interruptions, defects, delays, computer viruses, your loss of profits, loss of data, unauthorised access to and alteration of your transmissions and data, and other tangible and intangible losses. This limitation applies regardless of whether the damages are claimed under the terms of a contract, as the result of negligence, or otherwise, and even if we or our representatives have been negligent or have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

  • Use of Material
    Sorry guys and gals but all content from this website reserves the right to be reused or reposted under copyright and other laws of Australia. Visiting or using our GG’s Flowers website is an agreement to these terms.

By accessing or using our website you are agreeing to the terms, conditions and disclaimers of GG’s Flowers. We try to revamp our products and services for beautiful customers such as yourself, therefore changes may be made to these Terms and Conditions. If you’re ever unsure, give it another read or feel free to contact us. 

Refund Policies: for GG’s Flowers and Socially Conscious Hampers


We handle our refunds and returns on a case-by-case basis, and the following outlines our policies and procedures to ensure a smooth process should a refund or return be deemed necessary.

Satisfaction of Product

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality products for you, but if you are not completely satisfied, all you have to do is contact us! We will then assist you with a replacement or refund.  

Quality & Flower Maintenance:

It’s important to remember that flowers are natural, organic products and will immediately react to their environment. To ensure that your products last for as long as possible, we have a list of tips that will help keep your flowers as fresh as possible.

  • Change the water in the vase every two days. The changing of water helps with removing debris that may affect the plants longevity.
  • Cut the stems of the flowers at a sharp angle, and trim the stems regularly to help the flowers absorb water.
  • Use the flower food: flower food includes all the important things to help a flower stay alive longer: sugar for food, acid to stabilize the color and water pH, and a biocide to kill bacteria and fungi. If you don’t want to purchase the commercial preservative, there are easy homemade alternatives available online.
  • Keep the flowers in flower-appropriate environments. Avoid placing flowers in direct sunlight, heaters, and other sources of heat. Avoiding keeping flowers directly under a running ceiling fan, or in rooms that is prone to drafts and breezes as it will increase the water loss and reduce the lifespan of the flowers.
  • Remove any wilted flowers. Wilting flowers may induce a chain reaction in your other flowers, causing them all to wilt at the same time. By removing the wilting flowers, you can ensure that the remaining flowers will stay alive for longer.

After Delivery:

We try to provide products that will last for as long as possible but due to the organic nature of our products: fresh flower arrangements, it is essential that you contact us within 72 hours of your receipt of delivery should you have any concerns. This applies to issues you have about the quality or condition of the products received, and we ask you to contact us at info(@)ggsflowers.com.au as quickly as possible so that we can assess the potential issue and offer a refund/replacement.

After contacting us with your concerns, you will be asked to provide a photo of the product/or alternatively bring the concerning product into GG’s HQ so that we can assess what the issue might be.

If the flowers have not been correctly taken care for upon their arrival, we will be unable to provide a refund. And unfortunately we are unable to accept returns or issue refunds for claims of poor quality if you have not attempted to make contact within 72 hours of receiving the product.

 Replacement & Refund Procedure:


If we have found the product to be below your standards, we apologies firstly and foremost, and will offer you a replacement or a refund. Any refund for online or phone orders will be credited back to the credit card used for the order purchase.

We will notify you of the approval of the refund, and when your refund is processed the credit will be applied to the credit card within a certain amount of days. 

If you haven’t received a refund, please check the following steps before contacting us about your late/missing refund:

  • Check your bank account to see if the refund has been made.
  • Next, contact your credit card company about the time it will take for your refund to be posted.
  • Next, contact your bank to see if there is a processing time before a refund is officially posted.


If you have gone through all these steps, and you still haven’t received your refund, please contact us at info(@)ggsflowers.com.au